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You Could Earn Extra Income Simply By Letting People Know Where To Find Great Faith-Friendly Movies

Join the Affiliate Program and start earning today!

If you have a website, blog, or an account on a social networking site (Facebook, ShoutLife, YouTube, etc.), begin today by promoting family friendly entertainment. When anyone comes from your website to ours and completes a purchase, you earn up to 50% commission. It's easy and it's free.

You can also raise funds for school programs, churches, or your non-profit organization by publicizing your partnership with This can be done through printed materials, website links, or pages we'll specifically design for your organization.

Why should I link to

You are helping meet a need by offering something in great demand: wholesome entertainment at a great price that supports belief and encourages faith. You can choose specific films to feature, or you can simply point people to

Once you've directed people to our website, we do all the work. We process, pack and ship the orders, as well as handle customer service. Your visitors gain the advantage of our proven track record of great customer service, and you receive a commission for every sale referred to us.

An additional bonus is that you are supporting the people who are making the films you want to see! Most of them are dependent on the income from these films to continue their work in this industry. On behalf of the producers and artists, we say "Thank you!"

How does the Affiliate program work?

First, you are assigned a unique Affiliate ID. This ID is in the banners and links provided for you. You can also create your own custom links within the affiliate system. With just a few clicks, these banners and links can be added to your site, and you can be ready to go. It's as easy as copying and pasting, no HTML or website design knowledge is required.

When a visitor clicks on a link or banner from your site, they are directed to When their purchase is complete, we record the sale (excluding tax, shipping, handling and postage) and your commission.

It's that simple!

How do I get credit for customer referrals?

It is important to use the banners and links, or custom link tool from our affiliate system. If you simply copy and paste URLs from our site onto yours, they will not contain your affiliate ID code, and you won't receive credit for their purchases. Links and banners with the affiliate code built into them not only take your visitor to our site, but let us know you referred them.

When a customer clicks on your link to completes a purchase, your account is credited with that sale. Once a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, any purchase they ever make at will be credited to you. Whether they wait a month or buy multiple times.

How much will I be paid?

We have two main product categories: Retail purchases, and DVD Rental.

For Retail orders, you will be paid a 10% commission of the total merchandise purchased by a visitor from your site. (Tax, shipping, handling, postage, and other fees are not included in the calculation)

For DVD Rental subscriptions, you will receive 50% of their first month's subscription fee (your portion would be between $3.99 - $17.49). Rental commissions are approved after the subscriber successfully pays for the second month.

How, and how often, will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly, with checks issued on the 15th of each month, or the closest business day. The minimum payout is $100. If your commissions do not reach $100 within a given month, they will be rolled to the next month.

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